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The products of the Wow House vending machine are exclusive souvenirs available only at Taipei 101.
淘樂屋客創智販機的經典商品-隨行筷一直以來廣受東、西方旅客作為致贈親友伴手禮的選擇之一,繼臺北101五樓觀景台設置的第一台客創智販機,於2022年第二台客創智販機再度進駐臺北101地下美食街(位於滿粥穗櫃位及手扶梯旁)。 The classic product of Wow House, the portable chopsticks, has always been a popular choice among Eastern and Western travelers as a gift for friends and family. Following the installation of the first Wow House vending machine on the 5th floor observation deck of Taipei 101, the second vending machine made its return to the underground food street of Taipei 101 in 2022 (located near the Manchu Souci food stall and escalator).

2023年新春期間,臺北101景點限定的商品款式全新改版,歡迎大家前來選購,為自己或親友們客創一雙別緻的隨行筷同時也獻上來自心底的祝福和紀念~          During the Lunar New Year period in 2023, the limited edition styles of the Taipei 101 exclusive products have been completely redesigned. We welcome everyone to come and make their purchases, to obtain a unique pair of portable chopsticks from Tao Le House, and to extend heartfelt blessings and memories to themselves or their loved ones.   

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