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Carrefour Guilin Store Exclusive Customized
SouvenirsCarrefour Guilin Store is located near the bustling Ximending commercial district, which is not only a historic and cultural street loved by people of different generations but has also become a preferred destination for domestic and international shoppers, treasure hunters, and gatherings. With its 24-hour operation, Carrefour Guilin Store caters to the shopping needs of local residents and travelers. In the spring of 2023, Tao Le House vending machines made their return to the first floor of Carrefour Guilin Store, offering customized products such as the classic portable chopsticks and Taiwan-themed stationery. If you have the opportunity to visit Ximending, don't forget to have some fun at Carrefour Guilin Store - Tao Le House vending machines. Customize a pair of portable chopsticks as a gift for yourself or your loved ones, and explore Taiwan's delicious cuisine together using your own chopsticks. Alternatively, you can customize a pen as a memento of your visit to Taipei's Ximending area.

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The products of the Wow House vending machine are exclusive souvenirs available only at Taipei 101. 淘樂屋客創智販機的經典商品-隨行筷一直以來廣受東、西方旅客作為致贈親友伴手禮的選擇之一,繼臺北101五樓觀景台設置的第一台客創智販機,於2022年第二台客創智販機再度進駐臺北101地下美食街(位於滿粥


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